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"Urban List set the standard for what partnership looks like for our agency."


We lead the industry in content-meets-commerce.

Urban List is one of the decade’s media success stories—an award-winning content creator and voice of influence, known for fast-growth, industry leading campaigns and best-in-class results.

We sit at the intersection of community, culture and commerce — attune to the influence of each when collaborating with brand partners — and offer a suite of data and marketing solutions to bring these connections to life.

Our community is activated, engaged and sharing their experiences alongside ours.

We're the only publisher in the category creating both for and with our community.

We’ve always wanted to be as close as possible to our audience and so we started co-creating content with them — a uniquely U:L approach that now sees thousands of influential voices actively sharing their experiences alongside ours.

What started as a two-way dialogue became a full blown group chat, delivering sector-leading loyalty and trust; and unparalleled social engagement and reach.

Our social networks are almost twice the size of our closest peer — a reflection of our approach and commitment to community. And that's important because If you ask yourself where your desired target audience spends their time, we’re guessing it’s on TikTok or IG.

Our approach to content and creative is proven to convert.

Our content-meets-commerce model connects brands with an audience that’s segmented, qualified and actively looking to invest.

83% try a product we share at least once a month — from restaurants, to retail, to international holidays — and 1 in 3 have bought directly from Urban List.

It's so much more than content. We're fuelling first-party data and connections — whether direct conversions or traffic to owned channels that you can leverage to improve future marketing ROI.

"Urban List has cemented its place as a true market leader. They take their users on a trusted journey that results in more products being added to shopping carts—a win-win for both their readers and the brands they work with."
— Chris Wirashina, Founder of Pedestrian Group and Linkby


We're committed to having a positive cultural impact — for people and the planet.

We believe the media and advertising landscape should be more inclusive, and so we’re leading by example — through the creators we engage, the topics we explore, and the talent we showcase. We’re dedicated to sharing a plurality of perspective, extending that commitment to client campaigns too.

We were the first publisher in our cohort to launch a Sustainability vertical, to date, educating 2 million people on how to live more culturally and environmentally conscious lives.

We're not perfect, but we are carbon neutral, commit 10% voice share to underrepresented groups and their perspectives — and we love championing businesses and brands who value the world as we do.

9 in 10 clients recommend us — we strive to be the industry's most loved collaborator.

Our clients are under the pump and we know you are too, so we’ve built our team and approach with you in mind — agile and easy to work with, always armed with good chat.

“What we set, we get” is our mantra: a commitment to do what we say, a belief that big dreams bring out our best, and a process that ensures expectations are both clear and met. That’s how we achieve such banging results, and why so many of our clients come referred.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending U:L for any partnership activity that seeks out-of-the-box thinking, a dependable & reliable team, and the peace of mind that comes with working with an organisation who not only ‘gets it’ but can get it done."
— Cassie Dunchue, Visit Canberra