Paul Scarf — Alchemy One for Bank Australia

"Urban List set the standard for what partnership looks like for our agency."


Our high-intent content and context drives transactions

Consumers don’t want choice, they want confidence in the choice they make.

Users arrive with the express intent to buy, book, do, see, eat or stream something to enhance their lives, relying on U:L tips to refine their choice.

Our content bridges the worlds of publisher and performance — connecting brands with high-intent audiences through a unique blend of social influence, brand trust and tech.

We’re #1 in the category across all major digital channels and still growing

Urban List attracts over 3M+ affluent, urban professionals — the clear market leader by size: #1 in the category for unique users, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok followers.

Our community is engaged, loyal and displays high brand trust — 1 in 4 users visit the website 2+ times a week.

And it’s still growing — both in existing markets, and through expansion into new verticals and destinations.

We believe culture matters and by positively influencing culture, we positively influence the future. For people and the planet.

Our dominantly Gen Y and Z audience seek values alignment with the brands they choose, increasingly investing in brands that seek to have a positive impact. We’re driven to be the lifestyle media brand whose values align the most closely with our community, through both the content and campaigns we create.

The media and advertising landscape can be more inclusive, and so we’re leading by example — through the creators we engage, the topics we explore, and the talent we showcase.

We’re dedicated to sharing a plurality of perspective, and we extend that same commitment to client campaigns - proving living the good life can also mean living more sustainably.

We're not perfect, but we are carbon neutral, commit 10% voice share to underrepresented groups and their perspectives — and we love championing businesses and brands who value the world as we do.

Simple and scalable ways of working

“What we set, we get” is our mantra: a commitment to do what we say, a belief that big dreams bring out our best, and a process that ensures expectations are both clear and met.

We’re agile, easy to collaborate with and have a reputation for delivering outstanding results.

100% of our top 10 clients have been working with us since 2017, And according to our client polls, 9 in 10 would actively recommend working with Urban List to a peer.

A leading brand and loyal community across all social channels

Urban List has a combined social following of 2.2M across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Our approach to social content creation is tailored to each channel — connecting brand partners with high-value audiences and providing industry-leading engagement and reach.